So Much For Peace On Earth!!

* An airport in US was forced to take down the Christmas tree because of objection raised by a Rabbi.
* A courthouse in Ontario was forced by a judge to take down a Christmas tree.
* Mall employees all around North America are forced to say "Happy Holidays" to customers instead of the "Merry Christmas".

What the f*uck is going on?

The reason in each of these cases, given by the authorities, is that the "other" religion groups might object to this kind of "overt display of Christianity".

Now, I belong to an "other" religion group. Most of my friends and family are from "other" religion groups. Can these authorities explain why 80% of us have a Christmas tree in our houses and the rest are thinking about putting one up? Whenever I greet someone this season I always wish them a "merry Christmas" and everyone I know does the same. So, who exactly is getting offended by all this display of Christmas decorations and greetings?

Granted the airport authorities took down the Christmas tree after mistaking the Rabbi’s objection to the absence of Menorah (Jews celebrate Hanukah during Christmas). he was not objecting the Christmas tree. The knee jerk reaction by the authorities was rectified but it proves that the authorities don’t like to confront hard questions (and avoid non-existent law suits) and do the easy thing instead of the right one.

The courthouse in Ontario also put back the Christmas tree after McGuinty (Ontario’s Liberal Leader) insisted it be put back as this is a tradition going back a number of years. Why the hell would someone object to a Christmas tree?

I also don’t have patience for someone (like John Derringer of Q107) who insists that they will put on Christmas tree and decorations and the hell with anyone who objects. So much Christmas spirit!! Try educating an immigrant the value and meaning of Christmas instead of cramming it down their throats, will ya!

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