With People Like This…..

…..shouldn’t we be sweeping our suburbs for terrorism instead of going to Afghanistan or Iraq?

Rush Limbaugh has always had the courage to fight enemies no one else would dare to take on, but this week he launched his bravest attack yet against a group of people whose power has long gone unchecked: The Disabled. You would think handicapped people would be satisfied when we gave them all of the good parking spaces. You would think they would be a little appreciative for all the wheelchair ramps and the Braille elevator numbers (which I have yet to see anyone use) which have cost businesses a lot of money. You would think that after passing the Americans for Disabilities Act they would just say thank you and shut up. But they just keep wanting more.

And my response to this eloquent post in the comment section was :

Rush “Erectile Dysfunctional” Limbaugh says that he has no sympathy for the disabled. Ahhhh, irony.

Your theory is “let’s stick our heads into the sand and the problem will go away”. Well, that’s true until it happens to you.

Like your beloved leader crap-in-pants Reagan’s wife and kids are now for stem cells’ research as he had Alzheimer’s disease before they were against it. You and your ilk will continue the “me, myself and I” routine until your wife or kid die in front of you with a disease which could have been held back but for the lame duck in the white house. What a pathetic excuse for a people you are.

BTW, Jon if you put the effort you put in lauding the ape into actually doing something meaningful you might have actually saved the world.

Anyway, each to his own. You serve a purpose in life too. Although I am not sure what purpose a fly like you being attracted to a shit like Limbaugh really achieves.

Update : OK, looks like I over reacted. This blog seems to have been created to make fun of the conservatives in a Stephen Colbert kinda way.

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