Here’s A Great Firefox Story

As you know by now that the browser of the moment is Firefox
<> (and Opera <>). I use Firefox all the time
and have convinced some of my friends and family to convert too. I like
Opera too (actually I prefer it to Firefox) but it seems to have some issues
with my utterly lousy computer. So until I upgrade to a newer computer, I
will use Firefox before I move to Opera.

I digress.

My daughter loves the Starfall site <> and she always
announces that she wants to get on the computer by saying “I wanna do ABC”.
That’s what starfall site is all about. ABCs, 123s, short stories, songs
etc. It’s a great interactive site.

So, when she wants to test her skills, I switch on the “lousy” computer and
start Firefox and go to her favourite site. I never realised that these
simple steps can have an affect on how a child reacts to a small change in
the routine.

When we went to my father-in-law’s house recently and she announced she
wanted to do ABCs, I went my FIL’s computer and switched it on and for some
weird reason started to drag the mouse over to Internet Explorer and my
daughter said :

“Noooooo papa, I want Firefox”!!! She was pointing to the Firefox icon!!

Here is a child who knows nothing of computers, browsers, URLs etc. but
already has an opinion on which browser to use. I know it probably because
whenever I had switched on IE earlier, I would always say “We don’t want no
IE”. So maybe that’s why she prefers Firefox. Whatever. I have no idea what
promoted her to point to Firefox than IE but, man, I am very proud of her.

Ever since the routine of switching on the computer always includes the
phrase “I want Firefox”.

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