India Is A Safe Country……

…..guess someone forgot to ask these guys.


How We Bought RDX

The brief sounded simple, but it had an ominous ring to it: go “buy” some RDX. The deadly explosive, we have all along been told, is impossible to access unless one has contacts in Pakistan’s ISI or with Islamic terrorist groups in PoK. But some tentative calls to people in the know revealed that it may be more easily available than the police and intelligence agencies would have everyone believe.

There is a reason why the “economic miracle” of India is more a hype than reality. Corruption rots the society at it’s every nook and cranny. It’s because of corruption that India has not really taken off as a humanistic society. The problem is that the citizens of India think they are a very cultured and peace loving society but the truth is that no one on Earth is more materialistic than your average Indian. Until they grow up to accept civilization before their own pockets, India will forever remain the cusp of “the next big economy”.

Until that time comes, you can buy any destructive element for the cheapest of price. Look at the price list :-

(1 USD = 46 Indian Rupee)

RDX Rs 80 a gram. Comes in packages with ingredients that make it a more potent composition. The ISI and Bangladesh’s intelligence agencies play a major role in pumping it across the border. Consumers: terror groups, Maoists and the LTTE.

AK-56 The cheaper Chinese version of the AK-47. Smuggled in via the Chittagong Hill tracts through Rajshahi and Nawabganj into north Murshidabad. Costs upwards of Rs 1.5 lakh.

Small Arms A wide variety, ranging from Rs 800 for a single shot pistol to more sophisticated Mauser pistols for Rs 1 lakh.

Explosives Locally manufactured explosives come cheap. Much of the crude bombs find their way to Bihar, Jharkhand and other neighbouring states.

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