A Book Meme

I know memes are really annoying but for the person participating in the meme, the person can’t help but really think about his beliefs in topic of the meme. So without much delay here’s my meme of books.

1. A Book That Changed Your Life

I was going to list one the books that I have read in the recent years but then I thought that the book that first set me on the course of reading books should be mentioned here. The reason is that I would not be the person that I am if it were not for reading. Reading a book expands your horizons beyond the mundane and it sets you free. That’s why it’s important for me to mention the first book that I read as the book to have changed my life.

The book (or rather a set of books) that really set me off on my journey of book reading is The Hardys Boys series. The first memories I have of enjoying reading books is when I was at a boarding school at the age of 11 in Nabha, Punjab a state in the north west of India. At first all I looked for was the comic books. They didn’t have what I was looking for but there were a lot of war oriented comic books which were a good enough substitute. I read all the 100 or so within the first week. And then I started reading them again and again until I knew most of them by heart. I still remember quite a few. After a little while, these comics started become boring. So, I looked around the library for what else I could find. That’s when I came across The Hardy Boy’s and Nancy Drew section. And then the Sherlock Holmes section. from then on, I was hooked.

2. A Book That You’ve read More Than Once

There are so many. Sherlock Holmes, Gone With The Wind, Starship Troopers, Lord Of The Rings, The Hitch Hikers’ Guide To The Galaxy, The Robots Of Dawn, 2001 Space Odyssey, Steppenwolf, Catcher In The Rye, Shakespeare……..I know I am forgetting a few. I will add them to the list.

3. A Book You Would Take To A Desert Island

The Britannica’s Encyclopaedia. The whole set. Or the entire collection of William Shakespeare. Heck you are on an island, you gotta pass your time somehow.

4. A Book That Made You Laugh.

It would have to be Yes, Prime Minister. Granted it’s basically the show on a book but it is one of the funniest books I have ever read. When I read this book during my commute on the GO train from Mississauga to Toronto, I would always catch a person or two staring at me because I giggled too loud. A must read for those who want to see the wackiness of British bureaucracy.

5. A Book That Made You Cry

Damn. Can’t think of any book. I would have to settle for sad. The book that made me really, really sad is Arthur Clarke’s Childhood’s End. I was going to write a summary of the book but I did not want to spoil it for you. I will only say that all the stories I have heard or read about how the world could end, this is by far the saddest and probably true as well!!

6. A Book You Wish You Had Written

The one book that I wish I had written is Lord Of The Rings. Tolkien’s masterpiece. It is one of the most detailed book’s that I have come across. He not only created a whole new language for the book but also a history of all the different types of people in the book. The books take the reader into a journey through worlds that were explained in such “vivid” detail that the reader is invariably sucked into the story. My favourite character was Sam Gamgee. Throughout the book, everyone changed. Everyone “grew-up” except for Sam. He was true at the beginning of the book and stayed true until the end.

7. A Book You Wish Had Never Been Written

I cannot think of any book that should not have been written. All books, even the evil ones, are a source for an idea. How that idea is used or misused is at the discretion of the reader and not the writer.

What are your answers?

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