Smoker’s : Discriminated Against?

Personal Note : Had to take a leave of absence from blogging on account of huge input of work. There is nothing like a lot of work to kill every inspiration thought in you. Am back now.


I imagine there is no way this can happen here?

BRUSSELS — Companies in the European Union may legally refuse to hire smokers because EU anti-discrimination laws do not protect them, the European Commission said.

“The commission is not against recruiting workers who smoke, but we have to stick to European legislation. Our anti-discrimination legislation for the workplace covers four areas – age, disability, religion or belief and sexual orientation. Then in general the rules cover gender and race, and that’s it,” said Ms. von Schnurbein, spokeswoman for Employment and Social Affairs Commissioner Vladimir Spidla.

So what’s next? People who spit? Or who wear heavy perfumes? Or those who chew food with their mouths open? This is so stupid on so many levels that I won’t even begin to understand it. The Europeans sometimes exhibit insane ideas which smacks them on their faces and they seem to enjoy it.

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