Stephen Harper : A Blithering Idiot

Is this the Canadian version of “Mission Accomplished” photo op?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper surprised his staff and further complicated the Canadian evacuation from Lebanon Wednesday with a sudden decision to detour his jet to Cyprus and personally rescue about 100 Canadian evacuees.

Shortly after reaching Paris on return from the weekend summit of G8 leaders in St. Petersburg, Russia, Mr. Harper made the decision.

Here is a detailed explaination of why the current government is a bunch of complete idiots. Looks like there is something common with the Liberal after all.

Micromanagement by the Prime Minister’s Office and a lack of resources in Lebanon contributed to the confusion and anguish at Beirut’s port Wednesday as Canadians trying to flee Israeli bombardments watched boats chartered by other nations sail away, leaving them behind.

The perception of inaction was exacerbated by the lack of information flowing last week about Canadian efforts to organize a response.

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In fact, Foreign Affairs staff realized last week that there was an emergency situation involving tens of thousands of Canadians brewing in Lebanon.

But federal sources say there was an edict handed down by Sandra Buckler, the Prime Minister’s communications director, dictating that the situation was to be kept under wraps.

So one government steals tax payors’ money and the other government puts it’s citizens in harms way.

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