Shades Of Grey – WTF Is That?

So Harper has again shown the leash that’s on him. This is our prime minister, ladies and gentlemen, who looks at everything as “us and them”, as “good and evil” or in “black or white”. There are no shades of grey when it comes to foerign policy. The policy will reflect the US policy and nothing else.

LONDON — Responsibility for the escalating violence in the Middle East rests entirely with those who have kidnapped Israeli soldiers, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Thursday.

Mr. Harper, on his first major international foray, hadn’t even touched down in Europe before aligning himself firmly with the United States and Israel in the latest conflagration.

“Israel has the right to defend itself,” the prime minister told reporters aboard a Canadian Forces Airbus en route to London, where he’s starting a week-long diplomatic mission.

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“I think Israel’s response under the circumstances has been measured.”

Mr. Harper’s unabashed pro-Israel stance, is sure to prove divisive at the G8 summit this weekend in St. Petersburg, Russia, which anchors Mr. Harper’s first major overseas foray as prime minister.

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