I Am Definitely Above Average


The average Canadian spends close to 12 full days a year travelling between work and home, a Statistics Canada study released Wednesday suggests.

The 2005 study found that Canadians spent an average of 63 minutes a day commuting. That compares to 54 minutes in a similar survey in 1992 by the federal agency. “Many Canadians feel that the time that they take in getting to and from work is continually increasing,” wrote the study’s author, Martin Turcotte, in The Time it Takes to Get to Work and Back.

So for once I am above average!! I spend close to 120 minutes on a commute each day. Why do I do it? I once calculated that I would spend 12 dollars each day if I took the car to work (commute and parking costs) and it costs me 6 dollars if I take the train. Moreover, the headaches that one gets when driving with absolute idiots like this and this, I’d rather take my chances on the public transit.

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