Terrorism In Canada

Holy cow!!! This is serious!!

A terror attack potentially three times more devastating than the Oklahoma City bombing has been averted, the RCMP alleged Saturday.

RCMP Assistant Commissioner Mike McDonell announced the arrest of 12 Ontario men who were to appear in court later Saturday in Brampton, west of Toronto. The men ranged in age from 19 to 43, and are residents of Toronto, Mississauga and Kingston.

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Five youths who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act have also been arrested and charged.

What I find astounding is the fact that these are Canadian citizens. Some of them were born and bought up in Canada. They must have grown up admist all different people who were kind to them, never tried to supress them in anyway, who supported them in all matters and so on. Why, oh why would they want to hurt those same people. Well, I guess there are no answers. Afterall, the London bombings invloved citizens of England.

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