Had To Happen Someday

This was just waiting to happen.

While the Hollywood eye candy with the dark sunglasses is paraded before the paparazzi , the real and serious business of the Cannes Film Festival actually takes place in a cavernous basement next door to the grand movie palace. It is called, brutally, The Market.


The reason you should care is that Hollywood studios now sell more of their product overseas than they do at home. Which means that the movies you are offered at the local multiplex — the action-adventure thriller with Tom Cruise set in showy European capitals, and historical swords-and-sandals epics with Brad Pitt in a tunic — are as likely to be made with an audience in Australia or Germany or Japan in mind.

So, the crap that Hollywood generates is now be shoved down the rest-of-the-world’s throat as the Americans are rejecting it. This is what’s called Marketing.

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