When Do Things Get Ugly?

When this happens, you know things are going from bad to ugly.

Mob celebrates after helicopter reportedly shot down by missile

A mob of Iraqis quickly gathered near the smoking wreckage yesterday, dancing in celebration at the reported deaths of at least four crew members. Some 250 people, many of them teenagers, jubilantly pumped their fists. When British soldiers arrived in hopes of rescuing the copter crew, the crowd unleashed a hail of stones and hurled firebombs while chanting, “We are all soldiers of al-Sayed” — referring to Moqtada al-Sadr, the radical Shiite cleric who is an ardent foe of foreign troops in Iraq.

This was not an organised death celebration. This was a group of on lookers who were celebrating the death of a perceived enemy. The onlookers became a mob with no instigation by the leaders of the area. When a death is celebrated like this, you know things are going bad despite the wingers’ links on their posts to new schools and hospitals.

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