Those Who Gave Their Lives……

This is a sad ending of the drama that has been unfolding for the last few days about whether the flag should be lowered for dead soldiers, whether pictures should be taken of funeral ceremonies of dead Canadian soldiers, whether Canada should continue leading the fight in Afghanistan, etc. etc. etc.

At the end of the day, these soldiers are DEAD. They probably knew what was going to happen to them. Soldiering a volatile region does not come without risks. But they left behind mothers grieving for their lost son, they left behind fathers grieving a shoulder to rely on when they are old, they left behind wives who will not hear them say “I Love You” ever again, they left behind children who will probably forget their dead father’s faces in another year or so. None of the soldiers there know what’s going to happen to them. Each and every soldier goes there with an intention of completing their job. He/She has a sword hanging over their head when they go into this region to complete a job that Canadian politicians back in the boardrooms of Canada promised the world (read USA) they would carry out. Despite the risks they are doing their jobs admirably. Despite the shenanigans of US, our esteemed Canadian politicians and our wingers, they are carrying out their jobs.

And this is what Canadian need to celebrate. The ability of the soldier to carry out his/her job against possible death. And when a soldier falls in line of duty, his/her bravery needs to be honoured (with due consideration of the relatives of the fallen soldier). Not to be hidden behind a shroud of deceit, of lies and blatant US pandering.

I started the post by saying that this is a sad ending. But is it really an ending or a beginning?

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