The Liberal Leadership Race II

The Liberal leadership is hotting up. Here are is the list :

  1. Carolyn Bennett
  2. Ken Dryden
  3. Maurizio Bevilacqua
  4. Scott Brison
  5. Stephane Dion
  6. Martha Hall Findlay
  7. Michael Ignatieff
  8. Gerard Kennedy
  9. Bob Rae
  10. Joe Volpe

Now, I have already talked about Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion. Let’s look at the others one by one. I will be focussing on Joe Volpe.

He has been in politics for a long time (since 1988) but came into the public’s eye after he was appointed by Paul Martin to Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development before being appointed as Minister of Citizenship and Immigration. He says he will build his platform on :-

emphasizing immigration and education issues. But he added that revitalizing the party will be a priority.

I find it funny that he added the phrase “emphasizing immigration” in his speech. When he was the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration that’s what he was doing most of the time i.e. emphasizing better immigration policy, bue he never came up with one. Here are the things that he has done (the ones that came to my mind. Please let me know if I missed anything).

  • Plan to help those who want to sponsor their parents or grandparent.
  • Shot down the move to ban 50 Cents from performing in Canada
  • makes it easier for seasonal workers in rural and remote areas of Canada to receive employment insurance benefits
  • A little under a billion dollar over five years to improve immigration services in Ontario. Of course this annoucement came immediately after job cuts were announced in the auto industry in Ontario.

Then he adds this in his leadership bid speech :-

“We don’t need to reinvent the party, we just need to give it back to the people who are its rightful owners,” Volpe said.

“We need to take it back from the backroom players who hide behind new faces.”

“Backroom players”? What crap! This guy IS a backroom member. All his policies have been so interwined with politics that I don’t know where his lips end and where the ass of movers and shakers’ ends.

Thumbs down.

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