Here we go. Even more integration to US and not the kind we want.

Stephen Harper’s government has quietly committed Canada to “indefinite” participation in NORAD and agreed to give the military alliance new responsibilities to watch for a terror attack by sea.

Yet in Ottawa, officials with the Harper government tried to keep word of the renewal under wraps.There was no notification of any signing ceremony. Officials at both the foreign affairs department and defence department initially refused to confirm that a deal had been signed.

With Canadian officials saying nothing, it was left to U.S. officials to lay out the details of the renewal.”The new agreement expands NORAD’s mission by adding maritime warning to NORAD’s aerospace defence mission,” Hironimus said.

It’s almost as if the Canadian government is being told what to do by the Bush administration each and every day. It’s as if the Bush administration said “ok we’ll give you a little slack on the softwood lumber deal but you have to give us the cake on a whole other set of issues beginning with NORAD.”

I don’t mind the government being pro US but when you start to toe the line from south of the border it’s time to start ringing the warning bells.

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