The Liberal Leadership Race.

So, Michael Ignatieff and Stephane Dion have joined the leadership race for the Liberal party. Finally, I thought the party was going to remain headless for the remainder of the year.

Michael Ignatieff’s (I always have trouble pronouncing his name!!) decision is a strange one. After all he is the one who supports the Iraq war in 2003, he supports curtailing civil liberties in time of “war” and he is for some form of torture. He was against nationalism all his career but as soon as prospects for Liberal leadership opened up, he is advocating nationalism in Canada. What an opportunistic guy!! Oh, that’s right HE IS A POLITICIAN. In my books this guy is out.

Stephane Dion is a Jean Chrétien guy. Which means that even though he is from Quebec, he is an ardent federalist (someone who supports federalism as opposed to separation of Quebec from Canada). And I like that about him. I also like the fact that in his speech to join the leadership race, he committed to the environment and sustainable development (whatever that means!!). I like this :

“Underlying our Liberal philosophy is a conciliation of two great human ideals: individual freedom and equal opportunity,” Dion told supporters. “I propose we add another: a healthy environment.”

Try as much as he might he will not be able to stay away from the shadow of The Clarity Act. This act was a response by Ottawa on the near separation of Quebec from Canada in 1995 and makes separation of a province from Canada a little more difficult. He really has no friends in Quebec but apparently he is well respected here in Ontario.

More on the leadership race latter.

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