Rhea : The First Crisis

Ok. Here is the first crisis in my little girl’s life.

My wife goes to the gym everyday from 9am to 11am and takes Rhea with her. She drops Rhea off at the baby center in the gym and picks her up after the class is over. When my wife started, Rhea would look forward to the trips and I thought that this is great. She gets to interact with kids her age and hopefully learns new things from them. But lately she has been resisting going to the gym. Charu says that these days she always cries and howls about not going to the gym.

Last night while I was dressing Rhea after her bath I asked her,

“Rhea do you like going to the gym?”

And she replied with a sad face and downcast eyes, “I no like it gym.”

And I was completely at loss what to do. This is the first time my daughter has come across a problem which I am not able to fix. She will have to resolve this on her own. The only thing that I and my wife can do is prepare the ground for her.

I have asked my wife to drop in to see her in the middle of the class to see what she is up to. If she is playing and generally having a good time then we can ignore her protests. But if she is sitting in the corner and not doing much then we would have to rethink the gym trip.

The worst is that here I am sitting at work with no control over the situation and I hate it. And I realise that as life progresses worse situation will come to fore and I would have no control over it. Damn!!

UPDATE : It was a false alarm!! My wife told me that she sneaked in between her sessions to take a look and Rhea was having a ball at the gym.

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