End Of United Stated America?

Just got this alert from CNN breaking.

“Gov. Mike Rounds signs legislation banning nearly all abortions in South Dakota, The Associated Press reports.”

All abortions!!

Picture this :

A young girl living in the poor area of a town in South Dakota is abused and raped by her father. The young girl goes through this hell day after day until the point where she has to go to the hospital because the father has hit her too hard this time. The doctors find out that not only the girl physically and mentally bruised, she is also pregnant. Of course, the next step is to terminate the pregnancy BUT because the politicians of the state own the girl’s body, the pregnancy is not terminated. The girl, being poor, cannot go to another state to have an abortion. So, the girl, against her
wishes, has her father’s baby. The baby is given away promptly to the orphanage and is out of the picture and the girl falls deep into a mental break down and commits suicide. The father serves a scentence for a few months and is free to continue his abuse of other innocent victims.

And all the politicians in the state are happy to see that “a life has been saved” by their policies.

This is the beginning of the end of America.

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