Presumed Consent

There is controversy about this new law that’s being introduced here in Ontario. The proposed law says that once a person dies and has not specifically stated to the provincial government that his/her organs cannot be used, it will be assumed that the person wanted to have his body harvested.

Now, I am a Hindu and when I die my body will be cremated. So, why in the world would I need to hang on to my organs. Take them. Take all of them. No problem. I gave my consent the moment I applied for Ontario Health Insurance.

I know most of the other religions believe in burial. I don’t have any question on the burial part ("From the Earth you come and to earth you go") but I have never been able to understand why it’s important for some people to be buried as "whole". Why? You are dead. Why would you need your heart, liver, kidneys etc. These are things that you don’t even think about when you are alive (unless you have a medical issue) so why do you want to hang on to them after you are dead. They will turn into dust in a little while in any case.

So can someone enlighten me?

In the meantime, this is one of the policies I am in agreement with from the government. I think it will force people to look at the issue and make a choice (and balls to those who don’t give their consent). It will also make (a very, very small) impact on the black market

UPDATE : Added links

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