How To Get Ripped Off And Enjoy It

Ok. I have been hit by a major blog block in this past week or so.

I couldn’t think of a thing to write about!! I have been busy with getting the safety inspection done on the car that I got from US. It’s an absolutely frustrating experience to get ripped off (and know that you are getting ripped off) and not be able to do anything about it. So I just relaxed and started to see the way I was getting ripped off without any say over the process. So far my laid back attitude has cost me $3,000!!

The car needs to be cleared by a licensed mechanic for safety and that’s where the rip off started. I was informed by Registrar Of Imported Vehicles that I can get my car inspected only by Canadian Tire mechanics. Ok. So I went to a Canadian Tire shop. The first thing they did was shaft me for the Day Running Lights (a mandatory requirement here in Canada). I paid a hefty amount for it (way over what I had budgeted). Then instead of a smooth safety inspection, I was handed a list of things that need to be replaced/fixed else the car, apparently, would fall into pieces!! And the obscure list (change Rack and Pinion, flush brake fluid system etc.) totaled up to $2,500!! And, of course, the car did not pass through inspection.

At that point I found out that I need not go only to Canadian Tire!! I could have gone to any licensed mechanic. I found this out after I started to call other mechanics to have the car fixed for a lower cost than what Canadian Tire was charging me. Each one of the mechanics said that Canadian Tire is ripping  me off and the quotes from all these mechanics was less by 22% to 27%!! Needless to say that I gave my car to one these mechanics who has promised to go over the list and pass the items which he thinks is borderline. I am hoping that I can cut down on my costs. 

I know that at the end of the day I will have another car in my driveway but my dreams of a free car have long been blown away by Canadian Tire. Damn Them!!

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