Black : A bollywood coup?

Black is on the Time’s top ten list of movies of 2005 This is quite good news for the director, Sanjay L. Bhansali who after the superhit superficial Devdas chose to produce a “low key” movie about a deaf-blind-dumb girl who manages to achieve stability in her life with the help of her teacher who is later diagonsed with Alzheimer disease and is helped by his ex-student to cope with the disease. Most of the critics swore that the movie would bomb at the box office but it did quite well.

I think that movie was far better than the average bollywood movie. The movie had a great cinematography and a great supporting cast. And that’s about it. The movie had one motive and one motive only. To make you cry as much and as quickly as possible. Rani Mukharjee gave a great anti-glamorous performance but sometimes stretched it too much. Amitabh Bachchan also gave a little over the top performance in the beginning of the movie. It was in the later half when he was diagnosed with the debilitating disease when he showed why he is one of the best actors in the world.

That said it was truly refreshing to see a hindi movie which was an antithesis of a typical bollywood movie. It also shows that directors now cater to their art rather than the audience. That I think had been lacking in bollywood. Well done Mr. Bhansali!!

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