Rosa Parks

I had wanted to post this sometime ago but it completely slipped out of mind until today. Hope it remains relevant…..

She has been a symbol of the civil movement since 1955. Her refusal to give up her seat for a white man on a bus sparked the civil rights’ movement byblacks and extended desegregation to all the areas in the United States.

Ms. Parks was asked to vacate her seat in the front of the bus for a white man. But her refusal to do so, provoked her arrest. This led the civil rights movement to push the matter to supreme court where it was judged that segregation is unconstitutional, not only in the matter of bus seating but everywhere an din every situation in the country. Thus, Rosa Parks is a hero.

Because of so much noise in MSM and blogsphere about Rosa Parks, I became curious and wanted to know the details and this is what really happened :-

Before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat there were numerous similar cases. The black leaders (including Rev. Martin Luther King) wanted a case which they could use to galvanize support. They first targeted a 15 year old black girl who also refused to move and was arrested.

But then they found that she was pregnant at the time and dropped the case. Then Rosa Parks incident happened. A lot of the newspapers in America point to the fact that she was taking a ride home after a long day at work. And being asked to move for a white man was the straw that broke the camel’s back. But after reading various accounts it is obvious that this was a new form of protest by the blacks not something that Rosa Parks thought of at that moment.

In no way am I trying to disparage Ms Parks actions. It must have taken supreme courage and guts to stand up to the bus driver and to the police especially in an era when blacks were mistreated to the hilt. Dog bites, sprayed upon, battened by the police etc. In such a climate to stand up to whites was signing a death sentence. But she did it when three black men on the same bus vacated their seats. I think this kind of courage exists in very few people.

But we have to admit, after all these decades, that The Rosa Parks incident was a highly organised and was skillfully planned by the black leaders of the time. Yes, she represents everything the blacks wanted at the time butshe was the face of the movement. Not the spark that started the movement.

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