On the Okaley Show at 640 AM, there was a discussion going on about the possible terrorist plot in Toronto last weekend. The discussion was centeredon why the government officials chose not to inform the public.

John was of the opinion that what the government did was right. There was no need for the public to know that there was a non-credible threat.

And I agree with him. When you are not certain that the threat is legitimate, there is no need to clamp down the city. Take precautions (like Union Station was clamped down on Sunday because of an unclaimed bag next to the train tracks) but don’t blow things out of proportions. When a terrorist strikes, he/she is not going to call first. And if an accomplice has a change of heart and does call the authorities, that person would probablyprovide specific information rather than give vague information.

But the outcry from MSM and a few listeners was quite confusing. Their argument was “if there was even an iota of a suspicion, it’s better to err on the side of caution”. But what they don’t realise is that the moment the authorities start to inform the public on every little suspicion of threat, there would be, first, be a pandemonium and then it would be like the storyof the little boy who cried “wolf!!” just like in the US.

I think what the authorities did was absolutely correct. The threat was deemed non-credible and was handled with proper care.

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