Never Say Never

You knew this would happen one day or another :

A PRESIDENT of the United States would be able to launch pre-emptive nuclear strikes against enemies planning to use weapons of mass destruction under a revised “nuclear operations” doctrine to be signed in the next few weeks.

In a significant shift after half a century of nuclear deterrence based on the threat of massive retaliation, the revised doctrine would allow pre-emptive strikes against states or terror groups, and to destroy chemical and biological weapons stockpiles.

Presidential approval would still be required for any nuclear strike, but the updated document, the existence of which was confirmed by the Pentagon at the weekend, emphasizes the need for the US to adapt to a world of worsening proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in which deterrence might fail. In that event, it states, “the United States must be prepared to use nuclear weapons if necessary.

So the next time there is an inkling of disturbance in, say, Pakistan. BOOOOOMM!!! If India so much as test another nuclear device, BOOOOOMMM!!

This is utterly stupid. The whole point of having nuclear weapons is to DEFEND against other country’s WMD capabilities and not to ATTACK a perceived threat from another Saddam Hussein!! Looks like nothing’s been learned in the past 4 years. Nor from Hiroshima or Nagasaki. “Never Again” means nothing to this administration.

I have been musing for sometime about the status of US and have come to the conclusion:

US was the first country in modern era to reach that “peak” of a superior
nation. A nation which was revered and look upon for leadership.
Unfortunately, when you reach the peak, the only way is down.

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