Update on the family

We went to a Peach festival with friends yesterday. It was a pleasant few hours except Rhea did not have a good time at all. I have noticed that whenever she is upset, I get upset too. Actually, my wife notices it more than I do. She usually reminds me of it by saying “I can’t handle two sulky kids at the same time!!”

Rhea also got her first haircut yesterday!! She looks cute as a button (I am biased, though). The haircut experience tells me that I will need to work out a lot more if I have to take Rhea to more haircuts. I had her on my lap and locked her arms and chest while my wife held her head!! It was like wrestling except Rhea was winning most of the time. Her screams invoked the living dead in the area (Tom of Slayer, I’d like to introduce you to my daughter) and her accusing glare made me cringe. She did give up after a little while and the barber was pretty good…sip, sip, sip and she was done!! I will be linking her pictures soon on this post for all of you to see how cute she now looks with her Laloo Prasad Yadav haircut.

Summer’s going by. Early Saturday morning there was a blanket of fog everywhere. I could hardly see my car outside. A fog is always a sign about change in weather (it’s not an exact science, I know). Winter is always a bleak thought and with Rhea always obsessing about going outside, it’s going to be quite difficult to manage. I guess we will have to do what Canadians do, don on heavy clothing and step out. I have always enjoyed winter except when I have to shovel my driveway or when I have to watch my neighbour’s kids, in their swimming trunks, jump into the snow and then into the hot tub. I hate it when these kids do this….especially where there is no way in hell I could.

Well, break over and back to work.

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