Racism in 21st century

Chris Rock.

Oh my god….what language, what topics, what toilet humour. I loved it all!!

A neighbour lent me Rock’s CD “Never Scared” and I could not put it down until I had heard it all. The guy is totally crass. I mean he will not complete a sentence without putting in M*ther F*cker, B*tch, Assh*le etc. He talks about black people, the current political situation, rich people, rappers, his wife, his kid and the list goes on and on. No subject was tootaboo.

He was especially critical of white people.

A lot of the comedians tend to do this. I have been to a few comedy clubs where I have seen that the black comedians make quite a lot of fun of blacks and white and there are no lines that they will not cross. At the same time the white comedians need to tread waters very carefully. They cannot talkabout blacks at all without being labeled red-necks or racists.

I remember I was in this comedy club in the US which was quite packed. Sitting in front of us was a black couple cheering away at the comedian whose routine included a take on the way white people dressed. Of course the guy was making fun of white men because making fun of women (unless the comedian is a woman) is off limits for everyone. This guy berated the whites
on the way their trousers looked, on the way their shirt looked, on the way their shoes looked and on and on. The next black act did the same and the couple was on their feet. The act after that, a white guy, did the same except he made fun of white people from a black’s point of view and the couple was on their chairs cheering away!!

After a few more acts, the main act came on. A black guy (can’t remember his name but I have seen him on very small roles on TV) came on and, almost from the beginning, he started to make fun of black people. I mean he picked every stereotype of blacks and made fun of them. Everyone was intears………except for the same black couple seating ahead.

They were sitting with their arms folded and looking at this comedian scornfully. A few skits later after another black joke, the girl shouted out “don’t forget you are black!!” Her voice was drowned out in the laughter. As the skit progressed, the comedian turned his jokes into making fun of Asiansand East Asians and the couple was back on their feet, cheering away.

When I think of this scene I can’t help but think that blacks can be quite racist too. Why? Have they not seen what racism can do to the other side? Have they not seen enough bigotry in their lives that then must “seekrevenge”?

I think that the past 50 years or so of trying to educate everyone on the “wrongs” of racism has given a green signal to the blacks especially the kids of those on the receiving end to say what they want to the whites. They feel empowered because they know that the media and “politically correct”populace is on their side.

Take the movie “Be Cool”. Although the movie was about a producer helping a woman break into the musical industry every so often you would see a reference made by the actors on how blacks were better than whites.

Chris Rock and his contemporaries need to refrain from white-bashing. A little fun is fine and subtle fun goes a long way but to indulge in this kind of humour is a ride on a slippery slope which could cause a lot ofsocial problems especially in the populated sections of the society.

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