Blacks and Derringer

The morning show on Q107, Derringer In The Morning, is truly a funny show. The show is anchored by John Derringer and his troupe (Ryan, Rosco and, periodically, Maureen Holloway). The chemistry between all the DJs is quite outstanding. The show is obviously built around Derringer who then governs the direction of the discussion. Derringer sounds like a very strong personality, who likes to be in command all the time and will take no shit from anyone. He seems quite well versed in day to day, local and global, topics. And let’s face it, to control the airwaves of a major radio show for 4 hours (from 5am to 9am) and keep the reins of the show firmly in your hands requires a lot of b.a.l.l.s. and not many people can do that.

Having said that, whenever he starts to give his opinion on a political issue, I just tune him off. Take the example of blacks.

Recently when the Toronto councilor came out in favour of racial profiling by the police in the city, Derringer was all for it. Specifically, he said that he has no problems in police stopping all the black youths in the area of the crime where a black is suspect.

To me that is not only stupid but also completely ignorant. According to his off the cuff statement, all the blacks should be stopped REGARDLESS of how tall the suspect was, what the suspect might have been wearing, what the suspect looked like, how old did the suspect seem etc. So, Derringer wants the police to stop ALL THE BLACKS as long as they are black. This is utterly dumb.

And then he tried to put himself in the blacks’ shoes with the example what if the police started to profile the bikers and all the bikers were screened because they might belong to a gang.

He, of course, misses the point. A biker is not being stopped because he is Black or Asian or Arab. There is huge difference being stopped for what you are drive than what you are. If I were pulled over because someone committed a crime in a white Altima I would not be offended but if I were pulled over because the criminal is a south Asian man, that would really piss me off. The police is basically putting forth the idea that because of the colour of the skin of the criminal, I am guilty until proven otherwise. What if the tables were turned and the police started to profile white people? Each time a white criminal is loose, all the white drivers should be stopped and screened regardless of their other characteristics. A pandemonium would ensue.

Before anyone starts pointing fingers at me and saying I am just nit-picking, I must say thatthis is what I have felt about this major radio personality, with a huge fan base, for quite sometime. Time and time again Derringer has shown subtle hints of racism in his conversations but this time I think he has out done himself. Why? Because the councilor who is in favour of racial profiling is black. So, I think Derringer has come out of the closet and piggybacked on this councilor’s opinion. He must be thinking that if a black government official thinks this way then it must be ok for me to climb out of my fox hole.

Why am I obsessing about this one guy? After all, it’s a radio show which I don’t have to listen to if I don’t like it. Possibly because I’d loved the show and would spend my hour’s commute listening to it. Now when he utters the words “here’s what I think…..” I run to change the channel. The banter between the DJs is still too good to miss but the opinions of the host are now getting on my nerves. I hope the producers will try to rein in this guy’s opinions.

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