Harry Potter

Well, what can one say about this franchise? J.K Rowling made more than USD 220 million dollars even before the book was released and an additional USD 200 million immediately after it’s release on one book!! The thrill of receiving a copy of the latest Harry Potter can rarely be equaled by any thing these days. I cannot remember the last time I checked for the delivery man every 15 minutes (I had my copy delivered to me from Amazon). I had to wait for a few days as my 17 year old cousin wanted to read it before me and I am usually a sucker for a pppppllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase!!!

The first 3 quarters of the book was pretty standard stuff. The usual quiditch matches, the usual giants, the usual death eaters etc. etc. and just when I thought "oh no, there she goes on the same track as the 5th book", BAAAAM all of a sudden there was action everywhere. By the end of the book all the pieces fell into place and the 7th book was set-up. Harry Potter finally knows what he must do and, more importantly, knows how to do it.

It was pretty obvious from the tone of the book that there was again going to be a death. And it was pretty obvious who it was going to be. But the end was still surprising. I kept repeating to myself for a few days that there has to be a reason why the person died the way he did. There must be a reason. In fact, a lot of my co-readers agreed that there was more than meets the eye in the death of the concerned person.

This was also the only book so far in which Harry Potter was right about all his suspicions. JKR has made him a goofy character who is good at heart, loves his friends and teachers but none the less is no Sherlock Holmes. But in this book, he is correct most of the time and is quite confident of himself by the end of it.

All in all a much better book than the Order Of Phoenix. That book was not at all good. After the heights JKR reached with Goblet of Fire, there had to be one that was not up to the standards of the franchise. But this 6th book has set the scene quite nicely and given direction and a lot to look forward to with the 7th book. And I can hardly wait!!

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