Have you ever had a moment in your life where you know that this moment represents a change in your outlook or change in direction of your life?

I have had 4.

  1. When my folks caught me pinching money from them.

    I didn’t change over-night, I am not that clear a thinker. It took me about two years or so to realise the “wrongness” of the action. I think I learned that the consequences of an action is my sole responsibility and over the years I have tried to keep my actions in check to make sure that whatever I do keeps my conscience clear. So far it’s helped me a lot although my folks still keep refering to that incident again and again.

  2. When I lost my job in Delhi.

    I was just out of college and joined a company which paid it’s employees excellent salaries. The money went to my head and I became quite irresponsible in my work. I was fired in a few months and had to go without a job for almost 4 months or so. Those 4 months were the most difficult months of my life. I learnt that work brings dignity, work brings satisfaction and work defines who you are to the society. After I got a job with another company (which was a the lowest paying job there), I focussed entirely on learning my new job and was rewarded amply after a year.

  3. When I met my wife.

    Things just fell into place perfectly. You know how we Indians keep complaining about “arranged marriage”? The truth is that sometime it works out really well. When I first went out with my future wife to a restaurant I knew right in the first few minutes that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman. I think to date that was one of the very few moments of clarity I have had.

  4. Whenever I look at my daughter.

    Honestly, there are moments when my daughter just drives me up the wall with frustration. It’s at those times I think why oh why do people have kids. But immediately after when she kisses me and hugs me (probably to re-assure herself), I know that my daughter is an extention of myself and my wife The love I feel for her just brings a warm feeling to my heart and a the feeling that everything in this world is perfect. Of course, then she tips over the glass of water I just gave her!!

What about you?

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