Saw something really funny last Friday.

I was taking my afternoon stroll through Yonge St. during my lunch break and came across a smouldering SUV on Dundas – Yonge square. Yup you read me right – a burnt to-the-bone SUV was parked in the square. This was a work of art (??) to demonstrate what the group thought of SUV’s and the oil industry in general. There wern’t many people around only a curious few.

After turning the corner and walking through the Eaton centre (I wanted to escape the humidity) I saw that the new movie Batman Begins was being promoted in front of the Sears outlet. Part of the promotion was the car- Batmobile. The car was an actual working model and it was HUGE!! It had armour plates everywhere, massive tyres, a super sleek look and looked like it could fly to the moon at the press of a button. There were people everywhere. Some were taking pictures, some were clamouring to take pictures, some were waiting to clamour to take pictures.

And I thought…..isn’t it ironic. Here is a monster of a car which obviously gulps gas (overheard one the secrutiy say that it will be run at NASCAR events) and has throngs of people around it and out there is a statement to the world to make efforts to reduce oil and our dependence on it and NO ONE CARES!!

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