Harper says PM stalling in hopes two unable to vote…. This is just stupid. If they are too weak to vote why exactly did Stephen Harper bring them in? To vote for him, of course!! Absolutely dumb to bring it up Commons of all places. This is probably one of the reasons why I would NEVER, EVER vote for conservatives.

Someone asked me the other day as to why I have this attitude when we all know that Liberals are so corrupt. My answer is that we know quite a few Liberals are corrupt but to assume that none of Conservatives are not corrupt is pulling wool before your eyes. So this issue is a non-issue for me. I have seen corruption is various forms (hey I come from one of the most corrupt countries in the world – India). And I know that no matter how smartly dressed up a politician might be….he/she is CORRUPT in one form or other. As a matter of fact….aren’t we all corrupt?

A smart politician would be the one who hides the trail effectively. And a smarter one would be who, when caught, immediately begins an inquiry to find out the trail which is what the Liberals did. So I don’t see the current AdScam as much of an issue for not voting for the Liberals.

Another thing that is probably a minor issue with a lot of people but a major one for me is the attitude of the conservatives on Gay-marriage. I just find their stand on gay marriage an example of their astounding bigotry. In a country like Canada with such a large part of the population falling under various minority groups, the last thing a political party should do is attack a minority group. Today they take up sexual orientation as a political issue, tomorrow it might be religion. Hey don’t laugh. That’s exactly what’s happening in USA.

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