Amazingly Cute

I have been working on a project over the wekend and it was probably the first time that I have stayed away from you for over 24 hours. And the seperation anxiety I felt was nothing that I have ever felt before. The whole day at work I kept thinking of you. When I came home your mom had already told me about this cute thing that you have started and when I saw you do it I just wanted to kiss you for a long, long time.

There you were sitting with your new toy, a baby cot. You had the baby doll in it and you were putting baby blankets on her. You were looking so adorable doing it carefully and making sure that the blanket was not dnagling out of the cot. I shouted out loud “Rhea!!!” and you looked and me and put your finger to you r mouth and did a loud SHHHHH!!!! Your mom and I were in splits!!

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