What’s New

Yesterday was the first time when you did not want to come to me!!! I felt so hurt. Not because this is the first time you have done it but because of the way you ran away from me and hid underneath your mom’s legs as if you were afraid of me. You then did not want to take a shower with me and then all through the evening you were just irritating. It really, really hurt me.

Yesterday was also the first time I saw you bleed because you hurt yourself. Your mom was zipping you and your lip got caught in the zipper. Man it must have been painful.

Your favourite :-

Word : budi budiyya (this is your word for milk. It’s so cute the way you say it and your mom and I have decided that we will not try and correct you!)
Food : Cheese slices and chocolate
Pet peeve : when we eat, you attack our plates and try and feed us
Toy : a baby stroller
Song : every Shah Rukh song

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