Well, well, well….so the Bush administration has finally done it. The short of it is as follows :-

In America, if you cannot resolve your family problems you go to court. If the courts resolve the matter which the current government does not like, a legislature will be passed to force the court to reconsider the matter!! In other words the government will butt into your family matters

I think this is the beginning of the slide. Why oh why is the government trying to upstage the rule of the law as stated by the state’s judiciary? What does that mean? The current administration tried to do this in the gay-marriage rights and now it done it in Terri’s case. What could happen?

This means that each time you do something that the current administration (and the “moral” right) does not like, you will have to face the might of the government. No matter that it’s none of their business to begin with. The funny thing is that the current administration has taken such a strong exception to this case but what about the hundreds of similar cases?

Over the last few days numerous cases have come to light (CJR Daily) in which the hospitals in Texas, with the backing of the Texas Futile Care Law introduced by none other than G. W. Bush, have actually pulled the plug!! No one wants to talk about those cases. This shows how mindless and narrow minded we have all become. And how convenient for the networks…..as soon the Peterson’s trial is over (with a verdict) and Jackson’s trial dragging on, comes this new sensational news bit. Green Day says the truth when they say “…one nation controlled by the media…”. What media says we do.

This case is not about what is the right thing to do. It is about how the politicians have grabbed this issue for their own political needs. I had always thought that no one can go lower that an Indian politician in esteem but I am beginning to reassess that line of thought.

But what are my personal thoughts on this case?

Death is such a complex issue and there is no black or white in this matter. When such a situation, as the one with the Schiavos, occurs it’s best to let the courts maintain the rule of the law. Mind you, this is not a decision that was made over-night. This issue has been going around in circles for the last 7 years. After all the reviews, testimonies, interviews, etc. were done, the courts ruled in favour of letting Terri die. What then is a complex issue has been resolved by the courts. But I can understand Terri’s parents as well. It is infinitely more difficult for parents to let go than the spouse. And this complicates matters. But do they really want to see their vivacious child of theirs live out the rest of her life in a sedentary, empty way that she has been living for the past 15 years?

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