How do they do it?

How do people post on their blogs every single day? In the last three days, today is the first time that I have had to write a post and that too between projects. But I do get some time to read the blogs. It’s quite amazing how important the blogs have become in my life. I used to read only the MSM sites until last month. But now I have noticed that I turn more and more towards the blogs. I do visit the MSM sites but not as often as I used to. Why?

I have always been a sucker for op-ed in the news sites. I have always wanted to know the details behind a news item. So it would be quite frustrating at times to see that some of the new sites never cover the topic I am interested in or cover it in passing. Also, I think it has to do with the fact that blogs are a lot more personal. It’s always nice to read a post that you can relate to and think that the person who has written it is like you in some ways and then again you might read a post that you despise and want to smash that person’s teeth in. I don’t think these emotions come out when I read an op-ed on a news site.

In this regard my favourite site is dailykos. This site has numerous discussions on a range of topics going on at the same time. The good thing about this site is that it’s not a rant like mine. Kos lets everyone put in their 2 cents and that’s the thing I really like. Then there is The Decembrist. This guy is THOROUGH. He takes an issue and puts on a microscope and studies the details. That’s what I really like about him. Having said that I really cannot relate to his current topic – Social Security. I also try and read a a few conservative blogs like Power Line, Howard Hugh, Belmont Club etc. I quite enjoy Belmont even though I disagree with quite a bit he/she says but atleast this person does not rant like Powerline or H. Hugh sometimes do. It’s amazing to see the difference in a conservative blog and a liberal blog. The first thing you notice is that levels of “bashing” the other side are considerably higher on the conservative blog. They trash not only the issue but also the person who is associated with the issue. This I do find on the liberal blogs but not on the same level. for example LFG. This site is hateful to the core. They have one motto and one motto only….USA is the best and the rest are garbage. I do go over to this site whenever I want to have a good laugh at some of the comments left by US “loving” citizens.

One of my favourite sites for laughs is dooce. She is hilarious!! All she does is put her life on the internet but she does it in such a way that you can’t help but laugh at her posts. Another one that I follow religiously is India uncut. This guy is obsessed with cricket (I think he is one of the contributers to cricinfo) Apart from cricket his coverage of Tsunami effort was excellent as well.

What about my blog? Like I said, I rarely get time to spend with my daughter and wife let on sit down and mull about something. So even though there is so much I want to say, I barely get the time for it. But I guess it’s the same with everyone.

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