Rhea – My daughter

This sunday I and Rhea were enjoying a lazy sunday evening. We were playing (running after each other), eating (she insists on me taking a bite from everything she has including the drooled on biscuit) and dancing to the Live Aid dvd. In a little while I was pooped and lay on the carpet and was watching The Return Of The King. Rhea then came to me and lay down next to me and we had the following conversation :-


“That’s Aragon, Rhea, and he is a good guy”

Pointing to the TV, “tumaguya?”

“That’s Frodo and he is trying to destroy the ring”


“Yeah. Gollum is a bad guy”


“I know, isn’t Liv Tyler hot?”

And this went on for quite a while. It was one of the best 15 minutes of my life. My daughter lying next to me and asking me silly things, holding onto my finger the whole time and insisting on resting her head on my arms.

One thought on “Rhea – My daughter

  1. Manu March 3, 2005 / 3:18 pm

    That was really cute. Rhea’s cousin Aman however insists on banging his head onto mine while talking gibberish and watching Hum Tum. His new fad is the Woh Tara song (10 times a day) from Swades which incidently I can now sing in 5 languages (with the subtitles on)

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