Canadian Politics

We have a situation my fellow Canadians. We do not have leadership worth his/her salt!!!!

Wherever you look – high, low, under, over – you will see that we are surrounded by weak politicians. The three “leaders” we have at the moment Martin, Harper & Layton all seem grasping at straws in the wind at the moment. None of them seem to have a plan, none of them is charismatic, their parties are out to lunch each time an important issue comes up, each one has shown no inclination to work with one another and the list just goes on.

Take the example of Missile defense. What exactly happened here. Canada was asked to assist in National Missile Defense plan (basically a watered down version of Strategic Defense Initiative) in both political and active-participation terms. The system was deployed in the fall of 2004 and so far has met with mixed success in rigged-for-success tests. US made it clear to the Canadian government in 2002 about the deployment phase in 2004 and asked for it’s feedback. And what happened after that? “Definitely”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “not at all”, “we must” etc. etc. etc. Each one of the leader’s took one of the previous positions one time or the other i.e. no one took a stand on this issue. Harper was always pro-missile defense but did not make iota of an attempt at selling. Layton was vehemently opposed but he was never vocal about it which just increased our doubts as to his position on the matter. And our dear PM. He displayed why he dillies and dallies on an issue until it’s ready to explode on his face. It’s the Canadian citizens who made up the minds for these politicians and not the other way around (which actually is quite refreshing in this era of politics). Canadians have been said to be truely altruistic about missiles in space but I think it’s more to do with opposing Bush than anything else.

So where does that leave us? I think we will be following US’s example and follow the party lines. I personally would love to see Layton take charge but so far I do not think of him much as a political strategist. Martin started of with a lot of promise but each of Cheretin’s warnings about him have been true. I think Liberals are really going to suffer in the coming months. And Harper, he always seems to be aloof. He always seems to be wishing himself in some other place.

God help Canada.

One thought on “Canadian Politics

  1. Anonymous March 1, 2005 / 5:19 pm

    This is politics..the politicians hop from one side of the fence to the other and back..they keep playing this game to find out what the people actually think..

    these politicians dont represent any side of the political spectrum they just want to join the band wagon (ie. majority of the people)…most of the people were opposed to the missile shield..opposed to the war in iraq..and supported kyoto..

    in a way its good..because these politicians are listening to the people and acting on it..but there is lack of a figure one to look up to..

    those good ol’ days of leadership are gone..the days of Laurier, Lester Pearson and the all time favourite..a staunch federalist – “Trudeau”..a charismatic leader.

    This is democracy..the ministers dance around parliment all day fighting over who wasn’t politically correct..but the bigger picture is that peoples’ opinions are heard and acted upon..

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