Terrible, terrible disaster struck India, Sri Lanka, Malayasia, Thailand last week (a day after christmas). The Tsunami struck the eastern parts of India and Sri Lanka and western parts of Malayasia and Thisland. The personal tales that have been told in the newspapers have been harrowing. A mom making a choice between children, a son leaving his ailing mother on the bed, a father who is helpless when hearing his child cry out for help. It’s a terrible, terrible disaster. It was mother nature telling mankind why we are so puny and of little concern to her. The images and the amateur videos that we have seen in the past few days were horrific. Here I am surrounded by my family, friends and all the amenities I could ask for while half a world away a child is fighting for a bottle of water. I hope to god that you are always spared from such disasters. It’s more than anyone could bear.

On a lighter note, the new year is here. May your life be filled with happiness and love. Do you know what was the first thing you did as the clock turned to 12:00am? You pushed me away as I tried to give you a hug and a kiss!!!


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