Cutie Pie

Day by day you are becoming more and more cute. The way you walk, the way you talk, the way are learning new things. The best moment in the day for me is when I come home in the evening. I call out your name and you respond with a HUUUUUGGE smile and run to me with your arms raised asking me to pick you up. It just melts my heart. I think I am going to be the one who has a real problem when you grow more independent and you don’t need me anymore. Anyway, I’ll cross that hurdle when I come to it.

Your nana and nani are leaving for Bahrain today. They were a lot of help for Charu’s exam and I don’t think we can repay them back in anyway. You had really taken to your nani but had trouble dealing with nana. I hope you get to meet your dada and dadi soon. They must be just dying to see you. Your dadi has seen you but you were just 10 days old so that doesn’t really count. Your dada has never seen you and I am sure that it must be hurting him.

My masi’s husband (my mausaji) has come to Canada. I hope that they are able to settle down here fast as I would love to have my side of the family here. I am going to be applying for your dada and dadi’s immigration so hopefully they will be able to see you in a year or so.

We are all going to America in another couple of weeks to see Naina. It should be fun. The trip but definitely not the ride. I don’t know how you will react in the 10 hour trip to the US.


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