The way you climb the stairs is amazing!! You are almost as fast as us. And it took you just a day to learn to climb them. You have been able to climb only one step and then you stop not knowing what to do. When I showed you how you could bend your leg and continue climbing… just took off!!! Your mom was pleasently shocked.

Another one of your favourite things to do is to slide down the slide in our basement. You cannot stop giggling as soon as you land. The problem is that my heart is always in my mouth when you negotiate the steps on the slide especially when you are carrying a toy in one and using the other to climb up.

Another thing that you have started to do is to watch hindi movies avidly. We get no reaction from you when we put on an english movie, some reaction when we put on songs but you stop everything when we put on a hindi movie!! The other day I had on A Hard Day’s Night (the Beatles first moive) and on each song you and I had a great time. With me singing (or, rather, trying to sing) and you dancing with me!!

Things that happened in the world


1) Terrorists took almost 400 children hostage in Russia. The crisis ended but not without quite a few children dying.

2) George Bush is chosen as Republican nominee for the 2004 presidential election in the US

3) Your mom is studying quite hard for her exam on the 25th sep. 2004.

4) My golf swing still sucks.

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