So far…….So Good!!


So far your entry to our life has been momentous. I cannot imagine my life without you now. There are times when we (especially me!!) really loose our cool. But your smile makes it all worth it. Your tantrums, your waking up at all odd hours, your constant refusal to eat heartily, your insistance on not being strapped in the car seat, the way you catch hold of the spoon filled with your food that you then splatter all over yourself, us and the floor……all of this balanced by one smile!!

That does not mean that we don’t come across a time when we ask ourselves “what the hell have we got ourselves into?” It’s a common reaction to your above deeds. Like these days you have begun hitting us!! I sincerely hope that this is a passing phase. We try and control ourselves but when you do hits us (smack, on the face sometimes!!) we yell at you stop it. Of course, you sometimes redeem yourself but trying to kiss us immediately after hitting us but, Rhea, I hope you do not become one of those kids that lash out everytime they are angry. And boy, do you get angry. I think you have taken the temper from me and Charu combined!! Which on the face of it is really scary.

The latest is that you have started to take you first concrete steps!! You moved from the TV (I swear, I don’t know what pleasure you find in banging away at the TV) to your doll house about 4 feet away. It does not seem like a lot but to me you looked utterly cute. You were walking like Frankenstein. I could not stop laughing and you could not stop giggling at me. I loved you more at that moment.

You are an extremely active baby. I love that about you. I also like the fact that you are lost in your own world if you find something interesting to do. Like the other day we were at Monica and Bunty’s place (their daughter Reet is about an year older than you). They were having a kirtan (a religious gathering for blessing the new home that they had just moved into). Everybody was staring

solemnly, trying to sing along with the religous songs. And do you know what you were doing? You were DANCING!!! Everyone was laughing at trying to be serious at the same time.

Well more later.


Your dad.

One thought on “So far…….So Good!!

  1. neerja November 17, 2008 / 11:25 am

    monu i read all that you have written about your rhea just put me on your place also miss you like this. when ever i am alone i always think about you and ginni that what you use to like to do or how i use to worried about my sons welfare.i slill love you and ginni very much so now you know all about parents love it is selfless love your mom

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