Halifax Trip

We love our neighbors.

Since our move to the neighborhood, we have steadily morphed from friendly neighbors to good friends.

We have out together all the time. Try new restaurants. Exchange good with each other all the time. Jump into each other’s hot tub or swimming pool. Go on vacations.

The last vacation was to Joanne’s home town Halifax.

Sure we chose the wrong month to go. It was COLD!!

But when you are with friends, everything is amazing.

On our way!
Phone therapy after the flight
On the boat to downtown Halifax.
Jo and Diane.
One of the stops during Joanne’s tour
Taking shelter from the brutal rain and wind
Yes. It was very cold!
Yes. There were lunatics oyster fishing
Simon. The photographer.
Bob and Diane. I know exactly what Bob’s hand is doing. The pervert.
Jo and Pre drunk Simon
In Halifax to celebrate Bob’s birthday
At the infamous Lower Deck
Bob’s birthday
Bob was everywhere
Old as shit
Waking in Jo’s neighborhood
Had a great time in Halifax.


So I have shun the social websites.

The unfortunate consequences of that has been that I have cut off my family and friends.

So, I will post randomly here and hope that my fabulous savvy family members will share with everyone one.

Comments are open and your feedback is always appreciated.

Here are some pictures of a recent wedding we attended.

A rare sight. Rhea in a dress!!

The love of my life.

Mehendi time.

The family

10 Songs That Define Radiohead (For Me)


Would I have paid any attention to the subsequent work by Radiohead without this song? As much as the band may hate my answer, no. I probably would not have cared (at least until OK Computer).

I still remember the chills this song created. Absolutely thrilling. It may have lost the lustre over the years but this is the song that put Radiohead on the map. It’s their legacy and they cannot escape it as much as they might want to.

Paranoid Android

Please could you stop the noise
I’m trying to get some rest
From all the unborn chicken voices in my head

And with this song, Radiohead elevated themselves, in my eyes, to rock gods.

The way the song maneuvers in and out various segments going from a hard rock to a soft melody and then back to a hard rock is done with the finesse of a painter delicately painting a masterpiece.


Everything In It’s Right Place

The switch in the music for a band that is at the top of it’s game is very very risky. Only bands like Beatles or Pink Floyd have come out of this transition with flying colours. And we can add Radiohead to that list.

The first time I heard this song it was jarring. “This can’t be Radiohead!!!”. “Are they selling out?”

But the haunting sounds of their record Kid A starting from “Everything….” were too addictive to ignore for long.


Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Cracked eggs, dead birds
Scream as they fight for life
I can feel death, can see its beady eyes

I think of this song that began the transition of Radiohead from a run of the mill rock band to mega stars.


There There

After Kid A and Amnesiac, it was refreshing to hear Radiohead pick up their guitars. Very very hard not to air drum to this song.


True Love Waits

Some sage advice from these poets.

And true love waits
In haunted attics
And true love lives
On lollipops and crisps

Just don’t leave
Don’t leave



The song builds and builds to the point where it seems even the band wants to take a break and soothes the music to a beautiful bridge.



 This song was never going to be in my list. Only after listening to it again a few days ago, it but me, this is one of the most “perfect” songs by Radiohead. 

House Of Cards

 If you want to listen to a beautiful song that is both visually and sonically mesmerizing, this is it.

A Wolf At The Door

 Took me forever to decide the final song for this list.

Lyrically this song is meaningless. 

But the play of the words and the music and Thom’s voice is so intricate and yet so beautiful that you can do nothing but admire the band that came up with the song. 


Trip To Paris

The family visited Paris in last week of July. The trip was outstanding to say the least. Perfect weather. Crowded but not too much(I don’t think terrorism has impacted the tourism much. Especially people from China). Friendly people (for the most part. We did experience some famous French pouting).

Here are some pictures.

Paris Jul 20161
Charu and Rhea exhausted after a trip to Versailles
Paris Jul 20163
Resting at Eiffel Tower
Paris Jul 20164
View from our room.
Paris Jul 20165
These were everywhere!
Paris Jul 20166
Notre Dame
Paris Jul 20167
On the hop-on hop-off bus
Paris Jul 20168
At Sacre Coeur
Paris Jul 20169
Arc De Triomphe
Paris Jul 201610
Jardin Du Luxembourg
Paris Jul 201611
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Check out the trees.
Paris Jul 201612
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Charu fighting with Rhea
Paris Jul 201613
Jardin Du Luxembourg. Rhea thinks she looks dumb
Paris Jul 201614
At Versailles.
Paris Jul 201615
At Versailles. Garden at the back.
Paris Jul 201616
At Versailles. The main view.
Paris Jul 201617
Used metro quite a lot. Excellent service.
Paris Jul 201618
At Lourve.
Paris Jul 201619
Rhea trying a new look.
Paris Jul 201620
On our way to the top
Paris Jul 201621
A look from the bottom.
Paris Jul 201622
Walking tour. The best part of the trip.
Paris Jul 201623
Both very skeptical about the different kinds of cheeses.
Paris Jul 201624
Walking through the small streets.
Paris Jul 201625
Rhea refused to play with the bubbles. Until they came her way :)
Paris Jul 201626
Found a great Thai place. My goofy was goofing off.
Paris Jul 201627
Selfies galore!
Paris Jul 201628
Last day. Waiting at the Metro.
Paris Jul 201629
Security was intense. Soldiers everywhere.
Paris Jul 201630
My baby.
Paris Jul 201631
On a bridge along Seine river.
Paris Jul 201632
The sleepy head was always catching a nap.
Paris Jul 201633
Just walking about along Seine river.
Paris Jul 201634
Fries and Algae juice.
Paris Jul 201636
Napolean’s tomb.
Paris Jul 201637
Cruising along river Seine.
Paris Jul 201638
Rhea was exhausted by day 5.
Paris Jul 201640
It was a fabulous trip. Love you Paris!


Runner’s Egos

So during my long run this Sunday I was about to cross a family with a little child planning on the path.

The father yells out “Hayley, get aside and let this jogger through”

WTF!! I wanted to yell back “I am not a jogger. I am a runner”.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Updates On My Life

Ok. Lets try this again.

Life has been relatively steady. Summer is finally here and once it gets here you suddenly realise that you are not a “heat” person anymore. If the temperature ticks to 25.00001 C, my sweat pores open up like a runaway faucet and I yearn for some cold air.

Went golfing with the neighbour boys on Tuesday and each time I play golf I realise I really love it. And then forget about it for a few months. Am sure it will be no different this time.

Running has been steady. Am no Robin, but am putting in about 35 to 40 KM a week. Am pushing to double it by September. Planning a couple of marathons later in the year. Ran Around The Bay in April which was strangely my worst and best run. Worst because I have never in my life felt so cold. Was severely under-dressed for the run. Best because I finally beat the 3:00 hour mark. Finished the run in 2:59:14 hours. Really proud of it.

Work has been good. Work mostly from home although I have a preference to work from office. I find I am more productive at office. No distractions and working from home is a drain on the will power.

Daughter has been growing a breakneck speed. She is going to be 13 this year. And what does this teen want? A dog. Oh my god!! She is relentless. I have given in and my wife is almost there. Looks like we will be getting a doggy in the house.

What else?

Well, there is music.

The fairly tale story is of course Maggie Rogers. I think the whole world has seen this clip of Pharrell’s reaction to her song.

I find the video so adorable because for the first half of the song she kept glancing at Pharrell to gauge his reaction but she could not read his expressions until finally he gave her the gracious nod. Then she just beams! And the song is fantastic. Hope to hear some good things from this young woman.

More music reviews coming up.

Well, hope to see you all soon on this page. Will try to get it active again.